The hiring of plunder mystics and shamans in the Square Mile shows no commemorative inscription of slowing down. Investment botanist are proper ever more desperate to breakthrough the unexcelled spiritual workers, or any magic staff at all because here is a insufficiency.

Arthur Simmons from the Chaos College of Finance explains, 'Investment wall quality reserves departments are unendingly on the touchtone phone to me. They want to cognise when our eldest crop of former students will be prepared to enter upon the work. Alas, not for a few months yet. Also, I have aspirant shamans irritation me. They privation to get on our courses, but all the places are understood. I've ne'er agreed anything like-minded it.'

I knew this would come about. I knew that as presently as the phytologist witnessed the admirable natural ability for prediction these supernatural staff possess, the entire scene would blow up - and it has. Presently, the bulk of these workers are based in Canary Wharf, but the botanist in that swathe are panicked of losing their force to the Square Mile. Salaries for inferior mystics have risen from £30,000 to going on for £70,000. Senior mystics can write their own mark.

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Where will this all end? I judge within is a concrete vulnerability charlatans will whip dominance of the state and try to brainwave drudgery in the City. That would be an unmixed fiasco. A few bad apples could ravage the repute of the full supernatural foresight commercial enterprise. I freshly hope asset plant scientist have the accurate vetting procedures in situation.

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